Twinmarkers from Action

A couple of days ago I bought Twinmarkers from a store called Action. I saw them before but didn’t buy them because I always used Copic Markers. But I read a blog post about someone who bought these and were pretty excited about it so I just had to test them out. The photo shows three sets of 12 markers and were only 3.99. I think I can buy exactly one copic ciao marker for that price. So it was a pretty good deal. They have a lot of different colors. You can also buy 3-pack set for 0.95.

I thought the Twinmarkers were pretty great. They even blend the colors a bit. I’m going to use them a lot and not worry if I’m ”wasting” my ink on a drawing because they are so cheap. Here some fanart of The Simpson. I did cheat a bit because I didn’t have the Twinmarker in yellow. I had to use my copics for it. 🙂 But everything else is Twinmarkers.

If you want to buy them you better hurry because they’re selling out very fast. I went a couple days later to buy some yellows and reds and they didn’t have many left.

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