Twinmarkers from Action

A couple of days ago I bought Twinmarkers from a store called Action. I saw them before but didn’t buy them because I always used Copic Markers. But I read a blog post about someone who bought these and were pretty excited about it so I just had to test them out. The photo shows three sets of 12 markers and were only 3.99. I think I can buy exactly one copic ciao marker for that price. So it was a pretty good deal. They have a lot of different colors. You can also buy 3-pack set for 0.95.

I thought the Twinmarkers were pretty great. They even blend the colors a bit. I’m going to use them a lot and not worry if I’m ”wasting” my ink on a drawing because they are so cheap. Here some fanart of The Simpson. I did cheat a bit because I didn’t have the Twinmarker in yellow. I had to use my copics for it. 🙂 But everything else is Twinmarkers.

If you want to buy them you better hurry because they’re selling out very fast. I went a couple days later to buy some yellows and reds and they didn’t have many left.

Pairi Daiza

A couple of weeks ago I went to an animal park called Paira Daiza. It used to be a bird park called Paradisio but then they changed their name and now they have all kinds of animals. It is the only zoo in Belgium where you can see pandas. That alone makes it pretty special. The pandas where well hidden through. I think I walked past them like two times before I found them. They also had adorable little squirrel monkeys. In dutch their name is “doodshoofdaapjes” which sounds a lot more scarier. They are super cute thought and were not afraid of people at all.  Here are some of the pictures.